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Steve Allen, President

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Steve Allen came to Plumas County in 1970 to attend Feather River College. He attended UC Santa Barbara from  1972-1973 then returned to Plumas County to live and work and became a Search and Rescue volunteer until the late ’70s. 


He was a volunteer firefighter with Crescent Mills Fire District from 1984-2008 and has been Secretary for the district since 2000 to present.   In 1978, Steve was hired by the Plumas County Planning Department as a CETA trainee and later became Assistant Planning Director until he retired in 2007.


Substantial portions of the Plumas County Code are largely influenced by his expertise as he drafted them for consideration by the Board of Supervisors. Those include Title 9, Planning and Zoning – Chapter 1 General Plan; Chapter 2 Zoning (drafting shared with Terry Wattenburg/Owens); Chapter 4 Development Standards; Chapter 8 Street Addresses; Chapter 9 State Responsibility Area Fire Safe Regulations; and Title 8, Building Regulations – Chapter 17 Flood. If there is a county regulation you do not like, there is a fair chance you can blame Steve.


Steve was involved in the major revisions to the General Plan in the early ’80s, primarily in map drafting.  He was heavily involved in working with the census, both with the Census Bureau and the Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance. This led to drafting Supervisorial district, redistricting plans in 1981, 1991, 2001, and 2011. It also led to drafting the Plumas County Housing Element several times from the early ’80s through 2011.


Steve drafted the floor plan for the first floor of what is now the Permit Center. During that process, he insisted on a meeting room and no bullet-resistant glass in the service windows.


In November 2000, he received a recognition award from the Plumas Association of Realtors for exemplary service.


During his Plumas County service, Steve was chosen as the president of the Plumas County Employees Association and served out some twenty terms.


Steve served as a Plumas County polling trouble-shooter, later Ranger, in Greenville after the 2000 election and thereafter until Pumas County went to mail ballots.


Steve’s link to the Plumas County Special Districts Association began when he was designated as the Crescent Mills Fire representative. In November of 2014, he was selected for the Association Executive Board and was subsequently elected Vice-President for 2015.  He was elected President in 2016 and has served in that position ever since.


Since retiring, Steve’s primary hobby has been attending science fiction conventions, which he could not afford in his youth nor did he have the time for while working.